The perfect walls

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So, this is new.. An all English blog post from me! The reason for this change is because the project I'm writing about is an international collaboration and it's probably a one time gig 😉

As you all know I'm a Dutchie and though my English is quite alright I'm begging you to bear with me. And be kind. 

After three years of absolutely hating our attic we were finally able to start rebuilding it completely! We started by thoroughly stripping away the old plaster walls and lots and lots of dust and cobwebs. Then we (and when I say 'we' I actually mean the construction workers) started on making it into what it is today. 

We turned half our attic in a comfy and cozy bedroom, the other half was going to be a laundry and dressing room. Now, this may not necessarily be a room that screams 'pretty' but in this particular case it's not only half our attic, it's also the route to our new bedroom. And to be honest, I do really like pretty. 


While the handy men were hammering away, I was busy making moodboards, checking paint samples and basically decorating the space in my head.

I knew I wanted to use wallpaper on the far wall because wallpaper is not only a great way to instantly bathe a room in a certain style, it also feels warm and works wonders for the acoustics. 

So knowing you want to use wallpaper is great, and knowing you want to create a certain feel and atmosphere is even better, but where to start? 'Cause really, there are thousands of wallpapers available to you! And picking one - while the stores are closed due to lockdown - is not an easy feat. 

In my mind I knew exactly what I wanted: something in a nice soft brown shade, with a warm and natural feel. Something botanical, but not necessarily screaming 'jungle'. After visiting dozens of websites I finally found just what I was looking for, on my trusted friend Instagram of course 😉

All credits for my heavy crush on this wallpaper go to Judith from @juudithhome ! I saw it in one of her posts and just couldn't get it out of my mind. I knew: this was it!! So I quizzed Judith on the brand of this beauty and I soon learned the object of my affection came from BNWalls. To be precise, it's called the Panthera 220131. There's an entire collection of beautiful Panthera designs and colours, lush exotic landscapes in various shades. But this was definitely my love. 

When my order arrived I was as happy as can be! In reality, the wallpaper was even more beautiful than I thought! Up close you can see that the base is not just one even colour, it's a perfectly balanced mixture of tones making a beautiful and lively ground.

The paper itself feels thick and rich, when you work with it you just know you're working with quality stuff! And trust me, I've worked with crappy wallpapers as well, so I know the difference 😉

Thanks to the fantastic manageability of this wallpaper I was able to transform this room in just a day. Even if pasting the parts above the stairs was a bit of a circus act... 


As soon as I was done, I knew my love was not unjust. The room was transformed, tranquil and balanced. The colours of the wallpaper matched perfectly with the wall paint and build ins, the print gave the room exactly the natural ambiance I was looking for. 

Now, everytime I enter this room I instantly feel happy. Whether I'm just walking through, folding laundry or deciding what to wear, it's nice to be here. And that, my dear readers, is what really great wallpaper will do for your home ❤️

Ps. I have just a little bit of wallpaper left, so if you follow me on @hoff.van.saar you can soon see how I've used the wallpaper in yet another way! 

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